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We Have Been Making and Repairing Dentures and Partials Since 1987 In House Denture Laboratory
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Restore Your Beautiful Smile With Dental Implants

Most denture and partial repairs can be done on the same day. We have been providing denture repair services for the past 30 years. We also do laboratory relines of your dentures on the same day.
If you have a broken denture or partial, let Dr. Richter take a look at it and he will tell you if it can be  fixed. If you are interested in a reline of your dentures or partial you will need a morning appointment!
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Get Long-Lasting Dentures

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From denture repair to placing partial dentures, Colerain Denture Center Dr. Timothy Richter can help you improve your smile and your oral function. 

Teeth replacement will keep your permanent teeth from shifting. In addition, you can enjoy many benefits such as improved speech and better chewing which leads to better digestion. 
Our Denture Placement Services

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We are all about improving the smiles of our patients with fast and effective dental services. In fact, most of our denture and partial repairs are completed within the same day.

You can depend on us to provide you with high-quality dental services offered at affordable prices. Contact us today for a FREE consultation
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