Colerain Denture Center
Dr. Timothy J. Richter
We Have Been Making and Repairing Dentures and Partials Since 1987

8077 Colerain Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45239
Just south of the Ronald Regan Highway

Dental & Denture Work In Cincinnati

Welcome to Colerain Denture Center

With specialties including complete and partial dentures and implant dentistry, Colerain Denture Center is fully equipped to meet your dental needs and exceed your expectations. Our mission is to provide professional and compassionate dental care and to help each of our patients achieve the beautiful healthy smiles they deserve. As part of our commitment to improving our patients' smiles, and lives, we are proud to offer denture repairs while you wait and same day relines, because dental health is something no one should be putting off because of time constraints.

Look like you again 

Woman with smile
We all have that one friend who wears cheap dentures. They have that telltale "horsey" look that isn't fooling anyone. At Colerain Denture Center, we offer both removable dentures and permanent dental implants that are customized for a natural look. We're fully equipped to meet your needs, and exceed your expectations. Call today and get the smile you deserve to have!

Waiting is so yesterday

Smiling Couple
Once upon a time, people had to wait days, or (horrors!) even weeks for a simple denture repair or reline. That was then, this is Colerain Denture Center! Using state-of-the-art techniques and technology, we are able to offer denture repairs while you wait in most cases, and same-day denture relines. Are your dentures bugging you? Call today for an appointment in Cincinnati, OH.

Star quality smiles

Female dentist with his patient in dental clinic
Colerain Denture Center wants to let you in on a little secret: 98% of Hollywood stars didn't come by their radiant smiles naturally. Veneers, crowns, bridges and other restorative dentistry methods help them achieve bright, even smiles that are always up for a photo finish, not PhotoShop. Call today for a free consultation and let's see what magic we can work on your smile! 
"A definite five-star group!" - Ed M., Yelp
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