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We Have Been Making and Repairing Dentures and Partials Since 1987 In House Denture Laboratory
8077 Colerain Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45239
Just South of the Ronald Reagan Highway near Galbraith

Dental Implants Cincinnati, OH

High-Quality Dentures

Get High-Quality Dentures in Cincinnati, OH

Colerain Denture Center offers trusted dental care and denture services for patients in Cincinnati, OH, and the surrounding areas, since 1987. You can trust us to restore your beautiful smile.

Whether you need denture repair, partial dentures, or implant dentures, you can count on our experienced dental team to help you find the right solutions. We provide you with denture and partial repairs on the same day, so you never have to wait long for the denture services you need.
High-Quality Dentures

Emergency Denture Repair

You may face a denture crisis anytime. Even every day wear and tear can place excessive strain on dentures causing them to crack or break. 

That is why we offer emergency denture repair services so that your dentures can be fully restored to their original condition. Our same-day services ensure that you can have the fast and quick repairs you need without the wait.

Top-Grade Dental Implant Services

If you're looking for a more permanent alternative to dentures, turn to Dr. Richter for extensive dental implants. Using a small titanium screw, the dental implant is attached to the bone in your jaw. 

Mini implants and standard dental implants are an ideal alternative for patients who have lost a tooth. Call us today for more information and to get a FREE dental implant consultation.
Contact us to schedule an appointment by calling us at 513-522-3363 today!   We look forward to providing you with the quality dental care you can depend on.
Call us for a FREE dental implant consultation. 
We look forward to providing you with the quality dental care you can depend on. Call us now!
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